Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kill Your T.V.

Today was a bad day, a breaking point kind of day. Not only was it filled with tears, heartache, anger, and rage, but just an overall overwhelming disappointment. My spirit is sad and heavy, and no this ain't a bout of PMS. There's a dark, ominous cloud looming over my usually bright aura, and it's cast a shadow that's suffocating my soul, and who's to blame? Myself, I guess. And the media......or myself for watching the media. I've vowed to watch no more CNN or any other outlet for 2 weeks. But how will I keep up with Joran? Nevermind! I have to get away from the negative images that are upon us. They seep their way in and destroy our moods as a nation, and collectively we ALL feel horrible. So, I'm gonna rant for a second and let the world know what Jennifer Newman is sick to death of........... the oil spill that's killing our wildlife and polluting the sea, Joran Van der Sloot and the nightmarish Peruvian prison he'll now rightfully call home (Beth Twitty, I wish you would claw the skin off that bastard's face!), mean bitchy girls, nosy people, being duped by Barack Obama, the threat of socialism, education reform, expanded class sizes, judgemental stooges, broken friendships, BP dependency, falling home prices, the bad economy, the increased suicide rate, shameless moochers, illegal immigrants who suck our system DRY, books with crappy endings, job uncertainty, my a%$hole neighbors who took their house OFF the market last week, brassy highlights, and an inconsistent hairdresser who JUST CANCELED ON ME to fix what he screwed up in the first place!!! Aaaarrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!

All this crazy nonsense in a day's time. What will tomorrow bring? Diamonds, I hope......but, until then, I've decided to kill the T.V. before it kills me. Done.


  1. I love you, daughter. My wish is to be in Alpharetta so I could hug you like a bear!

  2. I will hug her for you!